To Study the Reality of Document Management and e-content of Thakirat Oman Website



الوثائق ، الادارة الإلكترونية للوثائق , المحتوى ، نظام إدارة المحتوى ، ادارة الوثائق والمحتوى الإلكتروني .



The topic of document management and electronic content benefits specialists, beneficiaries and users of document management and electronic content in all sites, including the Memory of Oman website. This technology has increased and has brought about notable changes in the creation of documents and electronic content and how to use it quickly.

This study focused on identifying the reality of managing documents and electronic content for the Memory of Oman website on the international internet, and gained the importance of the study in knowing how to manage the content of the Oman Memory website, because the site includes a large number of Omani documents and manuscripts, so the study sought to achieve a set One of the goals, the most important of which is to know what is the electronic content management of the Amman Memory website, and the basic requirements and needs for its management in terms of its availability of hardware, software, applications and the mechanism used to classify, index, store and retrieve Omani documents and manuscripts on the content of the content The electronic site is located, so the Memory of Oman site is considered the first site of its kind that is managed by a civil society aimed at preserving the history of the country through collecting and making available to that large number of documents and Omani manuscripts. General about the Amman Memory website, in addition to the second chapter, which dealt with the study of the reality of everything related to the Amman Memory site, then the survey and field study chapter, which dealt with the methodology that the researcher followed in her study, which is the descriptive and analytical approach and the researcher used to carry out her research The tools of scientific research, such as field visits, interviews, and the distribution of questionnaires, were varied in the questions between closed and open, and the researcher relied on previous studies and research related to the subject of her study as a tool to identify the subject of the study, and the researcher developed in the fifth chapter a suggested concept as a project for her graduation, which is the development of electronic content for the Amman Memory website, which is the goal The main thing is to make the Memory of Oman website with the same quality and content of the global libraries as its Qatar, Saudi Arabia and Arab world, and finally the recommendations and results after completing its study in its final form.


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