The Impact of Covid-19 on Flight Departure Delay Time and Cancellations at Philadelphia International Airport


  • Kelvin Yuan Cherry Hill High School East
  • Brian Vernachio Cherry Hill High School East



Aviation, Flight Delay, Covid-19, Philadelphia International Airport


The emergence of Covid-19 has deeply disturbed the aviation industry in many aspects. This study examines the effect of Covid-19 on departure delay time and flight cancellation at Philadelphia International Airport (PHL). By analyzing data of nearly 200,000 flights departed from PHL between January 2019 and February 2021, the research found that Covid-19 noticeably reduced flight departure delay time, and flight cancellations sharply rose then quickly dropped. Furthermore, flight departure delay time is highly correlated with the number of flights: the lower the number of flights, the lower the delay time. The ultimate cause is the lack of passengers, as the number of passengers dictates the number of flights an airline can successfully operate. 


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Author Biography

Brian Vernachio, Cherry Hill High School East


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